5 Annoying Household Tasks Amazon Echo Does For You

Make tasks easier with the Amazon Echo and an Android spy app.

The Amazon Echo may well be one of the coolest gadgets ever. It can do almost anything and it will make life easier in so many ways. You’ll be shocked at how convenient Alexa, the Echo’s virtual assistant, will be. From managing the household to getting information about your morning commute, Alexa is going to change the way that you live. It’ll leave you more time to keep track of your children’s activities with an Android spy. You’ll also have more opportunities to be with your family instead of running the house. Here are five household tasks people hate that Alexa can handle for you:

Buying Household Supplies

How many times have you gone to start the laundry and discovered you were out of laundry soap? Now you don’t need to go through the process of logging into your computer and ordering supplies online, or making yet another trek to the store. Tell Alexa to order whatever you need, and it will place the order on Amazon for you. You’ll have more time for other important tasks, such as supervising your children’s Internet usage with Android spy software. If you live in a major city, you may even receive your items that same day. If not, they’ll show up in two days or less if you have Amazon Prime.

Ordering Dinner

You can order food with the Amazon Echo.
Save yourself the hassle of cooking dinner and have Alexa order a pizza instead.

Don’t want the hassle of cooking dinner after a long day, but don’t want to go through take out menus to place a phone order? Tell Alexa to order whatever food you want. It will find a local restaurant and place the order for you. All you have to do is decide what you want to eat, relax until it arrives, and then eat. This is great after you’ve worked all day and the kids have after-school activities. It’s a fabulous luxury to be able to have Alexa handle dinner for you.

Organizing The Household Schedule

Keeping track of everyone’s sports and lessons schedules, work schedules, appointment and other household information can be a nightmare. Instead, just tell Alexa about important dates and times, and it will schedule everything for you. It can create a master schedule and send it to your email and phone, so that everyone in the household has a copy. You can check and see if your family members are fulfilling their appointments with an Android spy program, too. This can free up hours of your time each week. Plus, you’ll make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Get The News

Trying to get the highlights of the news from TV in the morning is a pain. Who wants to sit through another round of chit chat with an overly exuberant talk show host while waiting for the headlines? No one. But you don’t have time in the morning to look for the news online, either. With the Amazon Echo, Alexa can customize any experience, even read the news to you while you eat breakfast or get ready for work.

Turn Appliances On And Off

You’ll need to purchase a smart plug for this one, but it’s well worth the cost. Plug your appliances, curling iron, or anything else into a smart plug and Alexa can turn them on and off. So, if you leave bread in the toaster before you go to bed and then tell Alexa to turn the toaster on the next morning, you’ll get out of the shower to a hot breakfast.