5 Tech Toys Kids Want For Christmas

Data protection is extra important this Christmas season.

Tech toys are always popular with kids, and this Christmas season will be no different. Gaming consoles and systems are gifts parents already know that kids want. But there’s many other types of tech toys out there that will thrill your kids. Data protection has been a huge concern this year, so make sure you only shop at trusted stores and frequently check your bank statements. There have been some serious data breaches that may affect your personal and financial information. Check out five of the hottest tech toys for kids this Christmas season:

Razor X Electric Skateboard

A high tech skateboard is perfect for the child on your list who loves outdoor sports and technology. This bamboo skateboard is made from high-grade materials, but also has a Lithium rechargeable battery. It can go for up to 40 minutes on one charge, so your child will be able to play with it for a while before they have to recharge it. You can also buy replacement batteries that aren’t that expensive, so you’ll can have one battery charging while the other one’s in use.

Dance Code Belle

Dance Code Belle integrates a fun doll with modern technology. You can also download an app on your smartphone or tablet to make Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) dance to different songs and move around. Just make sure that you install some data protection apps on your device. The hidden secret of Dance Code Belle is that she can encourage an interest in programming and development in your child. Kids need to drag and drop different code elements within the app to make Belle perform different dances and tasks. It’s fun and educational.


Hatchimals are going to be one of the most in demand tech toys again this year. They usually sell out very quickly everywhere, so if you’re planning on getting some for your kids, buy them early. In fact, you should go out and buy them now. This Christmas, there will be a new line of these furry friends, called Hatchimals Surprise, that features sparkly, glitter Hatchimals.

Sky Viper Drone

Both parents and kids love drones.
Drones are great gadgets for people of all ages.

If you have a kid on your list who loves remote controlled cars or other tech-based toys, this amazing little RC drone is sure to make them happy this Christmas. The Sky Viper Drone comes with a virtual reality headset that hooks up with a remote control app on a smartphone or tablet. Be sure to keep data protection measures in mind so your information isn’t stolen. When using the app, your child can get an amazing view of what the drone’s camera is seeing as it flies. This is great fun for adults, too.

VTech Star Wars Camera Watch

These smartwatches designed for kids have loads of useful features, wrapped in fun Star Wars-themed designs. There is a camera that can take snapshots and short videos. Plus, there are plenty of Star Wars-themed games loaded on the watch to keep kids busy. There’s 256 MB of storage to hold all those games, as well as additional, downloadable games. It also has a step counter, alarm, and many other features. This make it a versatile piece of child-friendly technology that can perform several important functions at once. Kids will love this smartwatch, and parents can feel good about their kids having it.