Essential Devices for Parents in 2017

You can control your home's technology and do a cell phone number lookup with your smartphone.

Parenting has changed a lot since we were kids ourselves. While many of the same struggles and experiences are the same, modern technology has made it just a little bit easier. You may already be familiar with smartphones and tablets, which allow you to do a cell phone number lookup. But there’s so much more! Continue reading to discover some gadgets that can make your life easier, especially as the new school year approaches.

Smart Home Technology

You might not have heard about smart home technology, but it’s the hottest thing in the world of electronics right now. Depending on what you decide to install, you can control your lights, HVAC system, locks, and more from your cell phone. That means when you’re juggling a million things, you don’t have to worry that you left the air conditioning on or that the door might be unlocked. The best part? You can use these controls even when you’re away from home, which is great when you have a babysitter that you may not fully trust.


It’s not uncommon for parents and kids to lose things on occasion. It’s always stressful when it happens, and it usually ends with having to buy a replacement. TrackR can put this all in the past. You simply attach the pixel to whatever item you want to track. Then, you just use TrackR’s app to locate the item’s location with your phone’s GPS. Isn’t that so much easier than frantically searching the house?

Waterproof Phone Case

You can prevent water damage with a waterproof case.
Smartphones cost a pretty penny – don’t damage them with water.

When you have kids, you can never predict what’s going to happen. That’s why you need to be prepared for the worst with a waterproof phone case. If your phone is fried because it was submerged in water, you can’t do a cell phone number lookup, make important calls, or access your contacts. You won’t have to worry about any of this when you protect your phone from water damage in the first place.

Of course, there are plenty of other helpful gadgets out there. If there’s an important one you think I might have missed, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.