Hotel for Gamers Opens in Amsterdam!—and They Have Comic Books Too!

gamersAs if there weren’t enough reasons to visit Amsterdam, now there’s a hotel that targets gamers, geeks and guys and gals with arrested development. Yes you heard right, there’s a hotel in the heart of the Netherlands called the Arcade Hotel—and it’s got Atari right in the lobby! But that’s not all, it has gaming consoles in every room, handhelds devices and a comic book library in the lobby—in case you’re waiting your turn for the next round of Asteroids.

Owner Daniel Salmanovich wanted to create a place that felt to visitors like they were staying at a friend’s house so he remodeled his family-run establishment into “a special place for people who love gaming.”

It’s a gamer’s slice of heaven!

The hotel already has 36 rooms—each with consoles and games—but Salmanovich plans to expand the entire establishment to include 9 more rooms in order to accommodate his growing numbers of overzealous vacationers.

Down in the lobby, visitors can engage in multiplayer games with other dedicated video game fans while those who aren’t avid players can watch or peruse the numerous comic books that line the shelves, filled with both new and classic ones from DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse and other publishers.

And the hotel doesn’t want you to play for hours on end on an empty stomach. If you get peckish, the hotel serves a fantastic breakfast that includes Canadian poutine and make-your-own waffles, along with selections of cheese and other local foods like organic jams, Italian ham, fresh fruits, whole grain bread and honey.

Offering seven different styles of modern yet warmly hip rooms at varying price ranges, the Arcade Hotel provides a flat screen television in each room and free WiFi. It also features a well-stocked hotel bar on the premises so that guests can liquor up whenever they want.

If and when guests tire of playing games and reading comics all day, they can visit the Heineken Experience—located less than 2,000 feet away! And, if visitors want to venture further away, the hotel provides rentable bikes—which is how all of Amsterdam gets around.

Located just six miles from Schiphol Airport Carre, the hotel is easy to find and is not far from the Carre Theatre and Rijksmuseum, and the knowledgeable staff speaks multiple languages including Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, English and of course, gamer.

Granted, you didn’t travel all the way from wherever you came from to stay in and play video games. But it’s nice to know that if the weather is atrocious—or you’re exhausted and done doing the thousands of things a tourist does when on vacation—that you can kick back and do the things you love to do when you’re at home, which, if you’re like me, is to play video games, eat, drink and read comic books.