How I Use Technology To Make Holiday Memories

I use technology to make holiday memories with my kids.

When you were little, do you remember how excited you would be when you saw a holiday classic on TV? In my house, watching those classics was always a special event. They were some of my favorite holiday memories. Back then, there was no “on demand” viewing. You watched those movies when the networks aired them, or you missed out on them for the whole season.

So, watching those holiday classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas was something very special for my family. My mom would make hot chocolate for us kids, along with hot chocolate that had a little extra something for her and my dad. We had popcorn and apple cider, too. My brothers and I would get into our holiday pajamas, then snuggle up on the couch to watch those beloved childhood classics with our parents. It was a very important ritual in our holiday celebrations.

I wanted to give my kids the same amazing holiday memories I had with my own family growing up. But these days, most television networks don’t even air those classic movies anymore. Or if they do, it’s at an inconvenient time. So, I use streaming services to make my own version of those holiday events for my kids. This is what we do:

Holiday Memories With My Kids

Hot chocolate really makes it Christmas.
It just isn’t Christmas without hot chocolate.

On Christmas Eve, my kids get to open one gift, which is always a special set of new holiday pajamas. They get into their new cozy pajamas, and we make popcorn and hot chocolate. Then, we all sit down as a family in front of our television. I use our Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch our favorite holiday classics, like A Christmas Story. We watch movies until very late in the evening, always ending with How the Grinch Stole Christmas. By the time we’re done, my kids are asleep. After my husband and I put them to bed, we start wrapping and putting out their Christmas gifts.

Thanks to modern streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, I’m able to find all of our favorite holiday classics. Plus, we can watch them whenever we want instead of waiting for them to play on TV. Our Christmas Eve tradition has given my kids so many happy memories. When they grow up, I hope when they continue our tradition with their own kids. And, I’d love it if they look back at our family memories as fondly as I look back at my childhood Christmas memories with my parents.

If you want to make the holidays special for your kids, start a new tradition this year. Make one where you can all gather together, eat delicious food, drink hot cozy drinks, and watch holiday classics as a family. Even if your kids don’t appreciate it much now, they’ll be so thankful to have those memories when they grow older. Let smart technology, like an Amazon Fire TV Stick, help you give your kids amazing holiday experiences that are all about spending time with family and being thankful.