Don’t Need To Catch a Cheater? Here Are The Best Tech Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

If you're lucky to not have to catch a cheater, consider these gifts.

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, so if you’re in a committed relationship and don’t need to catch a cheater, this list is for you. Did you find the perfect present for your husband or boyfriend yet? If not don’t worry. There are some fantastic gifts for men out there and you won’t have any trouble finding a great gift. Is your husband or boyfriend tech-obsessed? If so, and you want to get him a Valentine’s Day present that he will actually like and use. Check out these fantastic tech gifts for the man in your life:


Whether your man uses the Android platform or iOS there’s a stylus pencil out there for each platform and they are very useful. He can use it to draw, write notes, and do lots of other things on his phone and tablet. And if he has a Mac computer the Apple iPencil will work with that too. Most people don’t think they really need a stylus until they see the many things it can do and how it makes it easier to do work, draw, write, or do other creative activities on a phone, touch laptop, or tablet. If your man has an iPad Pro the iPencil is a must have. Or if you really want to impress him get him the iPad Pro and the Apple iPencil.

Tile Mate

This is a great gift that is also practical. Does your husband or boyfriend constantly lose his keys, his wallet or other small items? If so then Tile Mate is the ideal gift for him. Stick the Tile Mate on his keyring, wallet or other small items and have him download the Tile Mate app on his phone. The Tile Mate stickers have GPS built into them so he can use his phone to track the items he’s missing. An alarm will sound when the items are close and he can use the GPS tracker to find them. This is also a great app if you’re not 100% sure of his fidelity and may need to catch a cheater in the act.

Smart Plugs

If your man loves smart home technology then smart plugs are a great gift because they turn ordinary appliances into smart appliances. Using the smart plugs with the app allows him to app to turn appliances on and off. He can also set different appliances on timers. If he has an Amazon Echo, or if you buy him an Amazon Echo as part of the gift, he can also control the appliances plugged into the smart plugs through the Amazon Echo by telling Alexa to turn them on or off. Some people are concerned that artificial intelligence can help you catch a cheater, but we definitely know that it will amuse him for hours.

Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Edition

Don't need to catch a cheater? Reward him with the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Edition
Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Edition

If your man is a geek or a nerd this present will blow him away. The Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Edition is a Star Wars themed robot vacuum. You can choose from a robot that looks like Darth Vader or a robot that looks like a storm trooper. Your husband or boyfriend that loves Star Wars will love having this tiny robot cleaner vacuuming the house. And you can count on him pretending it to control is using The Force at least five times if not every time he turns it on or off.