The New Star Wars Movie Awakens 3 Of The Worst Passwords Of 2015

passwordsSplashData just released twenty-five of the worst passwords chosen by people all over the country—and three of them relate to Star Wars! Whether they use a desktop, laptop or mobile computing device (like a smartphone or tablet) people are still choosing the easiest to hack passwords in this galaxy and in others far far away.

But why? One would assume that they lock their door properly to protect their house from being broken into—and that they do the same with their car. So wouldn’t they “lock” their email and social media accounts and the devices that they access them with with the same amount of concern? The thing is that people do think they’re locking them. But in truth, they really aren’t. They’re just closing them—and anyone who truly wants to enter, can. They just have to look for the unlocked entrance.

Today’s modern thief is the dreaded computer hacker. They, like a common household thief, look for open “doors” and “windows” in hopes of gaining access to all of a person’s prized possessions and valuables. They’re very good at what they do. They don’t need any help, but they’re getting it. Using lame, easy-to-figure-out passwords is the best help they can get.

According to SplashData, the list of twenty-five worst passwords of 2015 included such weak selections as the numeric favorite, “123456” and its higher-reaching cousin, “12345678.” Also on the list were the unimaginative’s go-to choice, “password,” along with the myopic typist’s top selection, “qwerty.” Other Top 10 winners were “pizza” and “hamburger” as well as “baseball” and “football”.

It seems that no matter how many times experts tell us to choose long, complicated passwords that mix random numbers and letters, we still go back to what is either simplest (requiring the least thought) or what is at the forefront of our minds at the time of choosing.

Apparently, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was on the top of a lot of people’s minds last year. Peaking at #21 on the list of worst chosen passwords was the term “princess”—an obvious reference to Princess Leia, the sassy heroine of the original trilogy and new film. Following close behind Leia at #23 was simply “solo”—a name that is so known it can sit all alone. Or solo if you will. And then, just to solidify the fact that even geeks can’t choose passwords wisely, the name “starwars” took up the #25 spot. What, no Zuckus?!

While it’s great to pay homage to your favorite movie or food or fetish or food fetish movie, you should do something more when choosing your password. For instance, if you love hamburgers so much, try alternating capitalization, replacing letters with numbers that look similar, or adding random characters just for the heck of it. Anything to thwart the hackers! Don’t just write “hamburger.” Choose something like “ham8rrgr1/4#R”. It may look like some tween or burn-out gamer came up with it, but at least it’ll be yours … and only yours. May the force be with you.