The Smart Refrigerator I Never Knew I Needed

New technology, like smart fridges and iPhone spy apps, can really help families.

I’m a big fan of smart home appliances. Anything that is going to make my life easier and give me more time with my family is something I’m in favor of. One of the ways I stay in touch with my family throughout the day is with an iPhone spy app. And that’s why I’m very excited to try the new LG ThinQ smart refrigerator. There are other smart refrigerators on the market but this new release from LQ is going to be a game changer for busy moms like me.

The LG ThinQ has door-in-door viewing and a fully incorporated touchscreen panel. It connects to smart home devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. And it comes in a stunning black stainless-steel finish that resists dirt and smudges. But what’s really exciting is that it’s entire grocery inventory system. I use tile tags and sensors, along with the ThinQ and an iPhone spy app, to remotely manage everything in my fridge.

Why I Love This Fridge

For someone like me, who works full time and has to juggle running my kids to many activities, this fridge is life-changing. I love being able to pull up an app and see what food I have at home, and what I need from the store while I’m in the car. The ThinQ can also create grocery lists, tell you when your items are about to expire, pull up recipes using food that you have in the fridge and much more. It can also dictate recipes and play music while you’re in the kitchen.

This smart fridge will save me so much time during the day.
Smart home technology gives me more time with my children.

The ThinQ hasn’t been released yet. There’s no word on what it will cost, but it’ll be worth it to me. I can’t put a price on extra time with my family. In addition, I love streamlining things so that I waste less time and energy on things like grocery lists. I can’t wait to see all the many things that this computerized refrigerator can do.

How I Feel About Smart Home Devices

When I was a kid I never dreamed that we’d have the technology that we have today. In college, I still had to type papers on a word processor because PCs were still relatively new. But unlike some people who shun technology and think that doing things the old fashioned way is better, I’m all for technology. The more apps like an iPhone spy simplify my life, the more I like it.

If you’re like me and you love technology and seeing the latest home technology gadgets and products, look for the LG ThinQ when it comes out. You’re going to want to put one in your kitchen too. Just remember that like with all smart devices you need to manage your security settings. Sometimes smart devices can be hacked, so make sure your conversations and images aren’t at risk. And always make sure that your wifi connection is protected and secure.