Why You Should Go See Crazy Rich Asians


A movie has just come into theaters and it’s a good one. Crazy, Rich Asians tells the story of an Chinese-American woman who goes to meet her significant others parents who are Chinese and all hijinks that ensue as she tries to prove to them that she is worthy of dating her boyfriend. It’s a little adult oriented but it’s a nice rom-com that will leave everyone who goes and sees it happy and wanting more (which we might be getting)!

All Asian Cast

The main draw of the movie is the all Asian cast. It’s great to see lesser known Asian actors get the spotlight for once, and every single one of them plays their roles great and all are believable and fun to watch. The mother is amazing. She plays a methodical mastermind of the family. She is the constant thorn in the side of the main character, causing problems whenever she can. Even minor roles are fantastic and create a ver believable story which you have to see to believe. Hopefully this movie will lead to more rules for all of them and they will continue to produce great content!

A Great Story

The story is based on a novel and it shows. It’s very well crafted and it hits all the points that a good story would have. The movie has a great pace and never stays on one scene too long. One of the best parts is the climax and it only escalated from there. The party scenes are great and capture what it is like to be at opulent large parties. The finale is really good if a bit generic. It wraps up nicely and you’ll be very content with that ends up happening with every character. I wonder what editing program they used!

Go out and see this!

Amazing Soundtrack

The soundtrack is mostly in Chinese but features a variety of incredible songs, both familiar and unfamiliar. It featured a ton of traditional and vintage Chinese songs. It also features a ton of songs in English which translate into Chinese. This added a layer of familiarity but also gives it a foreign twist. I also found myself listening to the soundtrack on Spotify on the way home!